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Cowboys vs Eagles: Game of the Week Prediction

Cowboys 27
Eagles 31

For the second consecutive season supremacy in the NFC East will be decided between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles. These two franchises have been at each other’s throat for decades and will continue to do so as long as the once competitive NFC East is around. In the last matchup which was on Thanksgiving Day the Cowboys flat out laid an egg when they lost 33-10 to the Eagles.

I agree with the notion that one of the main reasons why the Cowboys lost miserably to the Eagles is because of the short turn around that they had to endure after defeating the New York Giants in a thrilling fourth quarter comeback on Sunday Night Football. The Cowboys had to fly back to the Dallas and prepare for the Eagles on Thanksgiving Day.

Believe it or not consistent flying around the country can wear you out physically and mentality especially when you are a professional athlete. However this time they cannot use that as an excuse if they fall to the Eagles once again. The crowd at Lincoln Financial Field will be motivated to cheer on their beloved Eagles after coming off that 24-13 beat down by the resurgent Seattle Seahawks.

The Eagles defense must contain league MVP candidate DeMarco Murray if they want to repeat as division champions once again. Murray is on pace to become the eight player in NFL history to rush for 2,000 yards. Last week the Seattle Seahawks proved that if you can play physical against the Eagles  you can pretty much shut down their fast paced offense. However the Seahawks defense is on a whole nother level than the Cowboys or any other defense in the National Football League right now.

My prediction for this ball game is that we will see a much better performance out of the Cowboys as a whole than what we saw on Thanksgiving Day. The Cowboys will keep it close but the Eagles will prevail in the end. Back in August I predicted that the Eagles will win the NFC East, there’s no need to shy away from that pick now. As for the Cowboys they will once again be fighting for a playoff spot in the final game of the season. At least they will not be 8-8 this season.

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