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Colts vs Patriots: The Rivalry Intensifies After Peyton Manning

The bad blood between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts has elevated to a whole other level. The Colts were the ones that knew all along about Tom Brady’s infamous Deflategate operation. (Source) The week before the AFC Championship Game, Colts general manager Ryan Grigson stated that he had notified the league before the big matchup, about the Patriots deflating footballs. Those allegations along with Brady’s defiance led to his eventual four-game suspension for the upcoming 2015 regular season.

Brady is due to return in week six against the Colts, which will be a primetime matchup on NBC’S Sunday Night Football. The Deflategate Scandal adds another dimension to this already heated rivalry. Long before Andrew Luck was under center for the Colts, his counterpart Peyton Manning had to deal with the mystique of the Patriots dynasty.

Brady has owned both Luck and Manning in regards to winning in the postseason. Tom Brady is an impressive 4-0 against Andrew Luck, playoffs included. In all four of those matchups, the Patriots have outscored the Colts 189-73. From the Willie McGinest, goal line stand in 2003, to Belichick’s controversial decision to go for it on 4th down in 2009.

These two clubs have been at the pinnacle of the AFC for so many years; it looks like it will continue to stay that way with the emergence of Andrew Luck. No one will know if Brady will be in football shape to take on the Colts in week 6. History has shown us that when the Patriots backs are against the wall they tend to fire back with a vengeance. In 2007, the Patriots went on to become one of the greatest offenses in NFL history only to lose to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII.

What will the outcome be this time around? No one knows for sure. There is not enough film on Jimmy Garoppolo to know if he could hold down the fork until Brady returns. Prior to the Deflategate Scandal, the Colt-Patriots rivalry was nothing but mutual respect between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning put up spectacular numbers in the regular season when he led the Colts to multiple 13 win seasons.

However, when it came to the postseason and Manning had to go on the road and face the Patriots it was a different story. It was almost like Belichick knew what type of plays Manning would dial up in those lopsided victories at Gillette Stadium. The Colts must now get over the 45-7 beat down that they suffered at the hand of the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game back in late January. If not it will be more of the same for Brady and the Patriots.

He is undefeated against Luck; you have to wonder how long will it take Luck to defeat Brady and the Patriots finally. It took Manning several consecutive shots to beat Brady. Will the October 18 matchup be another day at the office for Brady? Be prepared for a potential letdown from the Colts due to the moment being too big.


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