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Colts vs Patriots: AFC Championship Game Prediction

Colts      26

Patriots 35


This Sunday we all thought that we were about to see Manning vs Brady XVII but Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts had a different agenda when they walked into Sports Authority Field At Mile High and pulled off the upset by defeating the Denver Broncos.

Many fans including myself thought that the Colts had no chance of going into Denver and take out the Broncos in the divisional of the playoffs last week, the Torn Quad injury that Manning had suffered against the Colts last Sunday is another discussion for another time, it is what it is. Now the Colts must focus all of their efforts into stopping another legendary quarterback in Tom Brady this Sunday in the AFC Championship Game.

The last time these two ball clubs met up the Patriots put a 42-20 beat down on the Indianapolis Colts in front of their home crowd on Sunday Night Football. Patriots running back Jonas Gray rushed for 199 yards and four touchdowns against the Colts defense which was ranked 18th in the league against the run in the regular season. The Colts will not see Gray in this match up but they still will have their hands full with another running back that is just as dangerous as Gray in LaGarrette Blount.

Last year in the divisional round Blount rushed for 166 yards and four touchdowns against the Colts mediocre defense. Those stats sound familiar doesn’t it? The Colts defense must resolve this issue if they want to advance past the Patriots this Sunday. Their defense must be one of the contributing factors to winning this game against the Patriots; they have enough firepower on offense to withstand the onslaught of Tom Brady and the Patriots offense. So far in the postseason their running game has improved slightly from what it was in the regular season but they must take it to another level against the Patriots.

As of right now I consider Daniel “Boom” Harron an upgrade over Trent Richardson who the Colts gave the entire farm to get back in 2013. Now it would be a huge benefit to the Colts if Richardson can somewhat contribute to the Colts offense along with Harron this Sunday against the Patriots. The Colts opponent the New England Patriots will be playing in their fourth consecutive AFC Championship Game this Sunday when they take on the Colts this Sunday. They are the closest thing to a dynasty that we have seen in years however the boys in Seattle may have something to say about that when it’s all said and done in a few weeks from now.

The Patriots must do the same thing that they did against the Colts in the previous meetings which is to attack the Colts inability to defend the run and keep Andrew Luck off the field as much as possible. If they successfully accomplish both of those tasks against the Colts this Sunday they will easily punch their ticket to Glendale, Arizona which will be their eight Super Bowl appearance in team history.

My prediction for this match up is that the Colts will keep it close in the first half but a second half surge by the New England Patriots shall propel them to their first Super Bowl appearance since 2011 when they got whacked by the New York Giants for the second consecutive time. Unlike Brady’s rival Peyton Manning there will not be a Torn Quad injury to slow down the mighty Tom Brady in this crucial match up.

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