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Colts vs Broncos: AFC Divisional Round Prediction


   Colts       28

   Broncos  38


Once again Peyton Manning will go up against the man that replaced him in Indianapolis in quarterback Andrew Luck however this time the stakes are much higher. As of right now the series between the two gunslingers is 1-1, the Colts must get off to a fast start in this ball game if they want to get their revenge on the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

They cannot turn the ball over or fail to capitalize on any mistakes that Peyton Manning may make,if not it this ball game could be over in the 1st half. The Denver Broncos have reverted back to what made their other Hall Of Fame quarterback John Elway successful back in the 1998-1999 seasons which is to have a solid balanced attack and not rely on the quarterback to make everything happen.

Those two seasons that I previously mentioned is the last time that the Broncos won the Super Bowl. The man that is assuming the role that Terrell Davis had on those championship teams is running back C.J. Anderson. Anderson’s numbers are nowhere near the level that Davis’s stats were back in the late 90s but he has bailed out his quarterback just like his predecessor Terrell Davis did for John Elway this season.

The Broncos number one priority will be to stop quarterback Andrew Luck plain and simple. The Colts have no running game whatsoever that can take the load of Luck in big games, expect the Broncos defense to expose that flaw this Sunday. The only bright spot on the Colts offense is their explosive passing game that may get taken away by the Broncos vaunted secondary led by Aqib Talib.

My prediction for this ball game is that the Colts will lose this game due to the fact that they do not have a solid running game which is very much needed during the months of December and January especially in harsh weather conditions like Mile High. A strong running game is what separates contenders from pretenders during this time of the year; hopefully the Colts will address this issue in the offseason.

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