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Chip Kelly Please Do Yourself A Favor

Chip Kelly Do Yourself A Favor And Do Not Comeback to the NFL


I am not in favor for Chip Kelly possibly being fired after his first season as San Francisco 49ers head coach. I believe that the maximum time a head coach should be given to turn around an NFL franchise should be four-years.

But because he could be fired for the second time as a head coach at the pro-level, it is now the time that he returns to college football and stays there. There will be a bunch of jobs opening up at the end of the 2017 college football regular season. Kelly’s name will be the number one choice for any job that opens up unless Nick Saban decides that he wants to coach somewhere else other than Alabama.

I find it sad because I believe Chip Kelly’s system could have worked at the pro-level, but some questionable moves that he made while he was the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles made me wonder if Kelly could succeed in the National Football League. According to various reports, Kelly decided to trade players such as DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy away from the Eagles is because they “did not fit his system.”

How do players that have the best season of their careers under his guidance “did not fit his system?” Unless he was referring to issues off the field that made him initiate the trades. Here’s a reaction from one Eagles fan after finding out that LeSean McCoy was being traded to the Buffalo Bills. Check out the video below.

What Kelly fail to realize is that the NFL is not college football. You cannot get rid of key personnel on your roster and think that the next guy can come in and have the same results. In college football, it’s easy to get rid of players and have the next guy come in and produce similar or better results.

The reason is that the rosters on various college football teams are made up of five-star recruits. For example, LSU running back Leonard Fournette decided not to play in the Citrus Bowl yesterday to nurse a nagging injury that has bothered him throughout the season.

Running back Derrius Guice, who is also a five-star recruit like Fournette step in and the team did not miss a beat as they went on to defeat Louisville 29-9. For those that love to watch Chip Kelly’s offenses perform at full capacity, don’t worry he’ll be back roaming the sidelines of a college football program shortly. It would be stupid of an athletic director to pass up on a guy of his caliber.

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