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Certain Teams Will Have No Other Choice But to Overpay During Free Agency

The 2017 NFL Free Agency period is upon us and for a lot of teams, signing free agents can be acts of desperation. By now, you should know that the National Football League is a supply and demand business.

If a franchise has a quarterback that shows even a glimpse of becoming special, the front office will not allow him to test the market once he becomes eligible for free agency. The reason is that the NFL is a quarterback-driven league. I believe that you need to have three critical positions figured out before you build a competitive football team.

Those positions are the quarterback, pass rusher, and personnel on the offensive line. If a ball club is lacking in either one of those areas mentioned, then it will be a long 16 weeks in the National Football League. There’s a report stating the free agent quarterback Mike Glennon could be worth $14-15 million per year.

One team that could be interested in Glennon’s services are the Chicago Bears. The Bears are ready to move on from the Jay Cutler Era in Chicago and are willing to overpay for a guy that has only shown a few glimpse of how good he can be in this league. That goes to show you how desperate a lot of teams are to find a reliable starter at the quarterback position.

But teams like the Bears may have no other choice but to overpay for players that may not live up to the contracts that they sign during free agency. Head Coach John Fox and his coaching staff will be coaching for their jobs in 2017 plain and simple. They can continue to see if Jay Cutler will live up to his potential or they can move on from him and roll the dice with Mike Glennon or Jimmy Garoppolo.

Teams overpaying during free agency has been going on for years and will continue to be that way as long as General Managers, and Head Coaches work to keep their jobs. Until teams get a good return on their investment i.e. free agents, they will continue to sell hope to their fanbases around the league. It is quiet right now, but it’s only a matter of time before the madness of the free agency period begins.

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