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Cavaliers vs Hawks: 2015 Eastern Conference Finals Prediction

Cavaliers Wins Series 4-2


After pulling off a gut wrenching victory against the Washington Wizards last Friday, the Atlanta Hawks are now in the Eastern Conference Finals. They will face a familiar foe in the Cleveland Cavaliers who they dominated in the regular season. However, this is the playoffs, where players elevate their game, and the stakes are a lot higher.

The Cavaliers come into this series a bit hobbled. Kevin Love is out with a dislocated left shoulder and point guard Kyrie Irving is not playing at full strength. Despite the nagging injury, Irving stated that he will play in game 1 against the Hawks.

This may become LeBron James biggest challenge ever. Unlike in Miami where he worked with players that had been in countless playoff battles, in Cleveland that is not the case. James is the Cavaliers only player that has seen significant playoff action. They will need his guidance against the vaunted Atlanta Hawks. The Atlanta Hawks would like nothing best but to stop James chances of leading the Cavaliers to the Finals.

If Kyrie Irving is at least 80 percent then there’s a very high chance that they will win this series. Under LeBron James mentorship, Irving has become one of the premier point guards in the league. Even though he is not mentioned with some of the league’s elite, Al Horford has stepped up big in this year’s playoffs. Horford must continue to make huge shots against the Cavaliers in order to advance to the NBA Finals.

My prediction for this game is that Hawks put up a fight, but it will not be enough against the Cavaliers. LeBron James will once again advance to the NBA Finals for the 5 consecutive year in his illustrious career. Once again another team will fail to seize the moment against a hobbled Cleveland Cavaliers team. Does the Chicago Bulls ring a bell?


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