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Carson Palmer is Playing Like a Top 10 Quarterback in the NFL Right Now

Carson Palmer could have been considered an elite quarterback if he did not have to deal with so many injuries. He was at the peak of his career in the 2014 NFL season when injuries hit him repeatedly that halted his progress and put the Cardinals out of the race of becoming a serious threat in the NFC. Making a comeback after a prolonged new injury certainly would not have been easy.

However, he regained his health and had been up and kicking in the recent season, really making his mark. He has been healthy this whole season so far, to the greatest relief of the Cardinals, while other premier quarterbacks in NFL have gone down. Unproductivity has caused a shift in the top quarterbacks in the NFL, making Palmer one of the top five quarterbacks in the league right now.

Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers have been consistent in their performances, thus securing the top spots but inconsistent play by Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have given room to Palmer to rise on the list of top quarterbacks. Although, it would be unfair to Palmer to say that he is in top ten quarterbacks just because the others are lacking. Carson Palmer’s statistics of the year 2015 also overwhelmingly support the statement that he is one of the top quarterbacks in NFL right now.


Carson Palmer’s Statistics in the Year 2015

As of the moment, with 20 touchdown passes, he is tied with Tom Brady for the league lead. In the NFC West, Palmer has led the Cardinals to first place and a  record of 6-2 record. Palmer’s passer rating is fifth overall with 108.9 rating points. Moreover, Carson being in the third spot as far as passing yards go with 2386 yards, add to the case for him being a top notch player. All of these reasons show that Palmer is one of the top ten quarterbacks in NFL right now.


Cardinals Performance Without Carson Palmer: Last Season’s Injury

Amongst the great performance this season, the Cardinals will not forget to look back and think about the time Palmer had to leave them due to injury. It surely was hard for the whole team and the head coach, Bruce Arians, last year to focus on the game and not think sourly that “What if” Carson Palmer didn’t get injured. Palmer got injured more than once during the season and Drew Stanton, and Ryan Lindley had to fill in for him. They were doing pretty great in the league with an 8-1 record when Palmer had to end his season due to his knee injury.

While the Cardinals were looking to bag the championship, they finished much further down the line. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they suffered a major setback due to Palmer’s injury. He not only affected the overall morale of the team, but it also put them in a severe condition when the replacement quarterbacks failed to fill his shoes. His fitness is looking great so far this season, something for which the Cardinals would be hoping to be last.


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