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Are the Pelicans Capable of Pulling off a Mid-Season Playoff Run?

After losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers 90-82, the New Orleans Pelicans dropped to a record of 14-22. In regards to making the playoffs this season, the Pelicans are in 11th place in the highly competitive Western Conference. Many fans are wondering if this ball club is capable of making the playoffs this season after a two-year hiatus. I believe that the Pelicans are capable of making a mid-season playoff run, but they must play consistent on a nightly basis.

The Pels would go on a two or three game win-streak then collapse and start another four-game losing streak. If the Pelicans cannot resolve issues like that, they will not be able to get into the playoffs this season. Teams that are battling with the Pelicans for the last spot in the playoffs are the Kings (14-19), Trailblazers (15-21) and the Nuggets (14-22).

Those three teams have far better talent on their rosters than the Pelicans right now, but they are underachieving just like New Orleans is right now. Other components of the team outside of Anthony Davis are starting to contribute to teams recent mid-season surge.

Stars such as Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans are showing that they are capable of becoming legitimate complimentary pieces to superstar Anthony Davis.

However, like I said before they must all three stars along with the role players must play on a consistent basis. Even if the Pelicans make the playoffs, they will probably run into conference heavyweights such as the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs in the 1st round.

The Pels would probably be swept once again like they did in 2013 against the eventual World Champion the Golden State. However, I believe Pelican fans would be content with the team showing the will to bounce back and have a successful season in 2017. The story of the New Orleans Pelicans is clearly not over.


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