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2016 NFL Top 15 Team Power Rankings: Week 15



In Week 14 we watched two heavyweights in the Top 15 Team Power Rankings go down. The number one ranked Dallas Cowboys lost their second game of the season to division rival the New York Giants. The third-ranked Oakland Raiders knocked off by the red-hot Kansas City Chiefs 21-13 on Thursday Night Football. There were also some other losses by the teams that are ranked in the Top 15 Team Power Rankings.

1.  New England Patriots: 11-2 (Previous Ranking 2nd)

2. Kansas City Chiefs: 10-3 (Previous Ranking 4th)

3. Dallas Cowboys: 11-2 (Previous Ranking 1st)

4. Detroit Lions: 9-4 (Previous Ranking 7th)

5. New York Giants: 9-4

6. Seattle Seahawks: 8-4-1

7. Pittsburgh Steelers: 8-5 (Previous Ranking 12th)

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 8-5 (Previous Ranking 13th)

9. Atlanta Falcons: 8-5 (Previous Ranking 8th)

10. Miami Dolphins: 8-5 (Previous Ranking 9th)

11. Denver Broncos: 8-5  (Previous Ranking 10th)

12. Washington: 7-5 (Previous Ranking 11th)

13. Green Bay Packers: 7-6

14. Tennessee Titans: 7-6

15. Baltimore Ravens: 7-6


Team that was dropped from the Top 15 Team Power Rankings: Buffalo Bills: 6-7


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