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2016 NFL Top 15 Team Power Rankings: Week 10

After weeks of analyzing who are the best teams in the National Football League right now, Gridiron Fanatic is releasing the 2016 Top 15 Team Power Rankings for Week 10. We have watched which football teams are playing the best football right now and will rank them according to their records and performance on the field. These rankings will most likely change on a weekly basis, so do not overreact if the team that you are rooting for is not in the rankings or not even ranked at all.


1. New England Patriots: 7-1

2. Dallas Cowboys: 7-1

3. Oakland Raiders: 7-2

4. Kansas City Chiefs: 6-2

5. Atlanta Falcons: 6-3

6. Denver Broncos: 6-3

7. Seattle Seahawks: 5-2-1

8. New York Giants: 5-3

9. Detroit Lions: 5-4

10. Houston Texans: 5-3

11. Minnesota Vikings: 5-3

12. Washington: 4-3-1

13. Miami Dolphins: 4-4

14. New Orleans Saints: 4-4

15. Pittsburgh Steelers: 4-4


Photos courtesy of Fox Sports

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