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2016-2017 NFL Season Predictions

The 2016 NFL regular season will begin on September 8th when the Carolina Panthers will try to attempt the avenge their Super Bowl 50 loss to the Denver Broncos. Today, Gridiron Fanatic predicts the winners of the eight divisions in the National Football League. Today’s post will be followed up by 2016-2017 Projected Playoff and Super Bowl LI Outlook.

AFC Division Winners

AFC North

Division Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers: 11-5

Bengals: 9-7

Browns: 8-8

Ravens: 8-8


AFC South

Division Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Colts: 10-6

Texans: 9-7

Jaguars: 8-8

Titans: 7-9


AFC East

Division Winner: New England Patriots

Patriots: 12-4

Jets: 9-7

Bills: 8-8

Dolphins: 7-9


AFC West

Division Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs: 11-5

Broncos: 9-7

Raiders: 9-7

Chargers: 6-10


NFC Divison Winners

NFC North

Division Winner: Green Bay Packers

Packers: 12-4

Lions: 8-8

Bears: 7-9

Vikings: 6-10


NFC South

Division Winner: Carolina Panthers

Panthers: 13-3

Saints: 8-8

Buccaneers: 8-8

Falcons: 7-9


NFC East

Division Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys: 10-6

Redskins: 9-7

Giants: 8-8

Eagles: 4-12


NFC West

Division Winner: Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals: 12-4

Seahawks: 10-6

Rams: 5-11

49ers: 3-13


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